Good News Clubs

cef2.jpgGood News Clubs provide an excellent opportunity to reach children between the ages of 5 and 12. The clubs utilize exciting Bible lessons, visualized songs, memory verses, and review games to produce lasting impact on children. Good News Clubs take the gospel to where the children are: their neighborhoods, daycare centers, and even in the public schools.

Adopt-A-School, the after-school program, offers churches a unique opportunity to adopt a local public elementary school and reach children and families in the community of the local church. Clubs meet once per week and are used as a means of evangelizing and discipling children.

Right now, over 200 schools in the Greater Richmond area are open to ministry with CEF; they include the public schools in twenty-one counties and five cities. In addition, CEF is able to work with existing after-care programs in area YMCA facilities.

Each of these represents an opportunity for churches, families, and interested individuals to make an impact for Christ in a previously closed mission field.

5-Day Clubs

5-Day Clubs provide an opportunity to take the gospel into neighborhoods across your community. Backyards are transformed into mission fields as children attend clubs for an hour each day for five consecutive days.

5-Day clubs are the primary summer ministry of CEF. Since children are not in school during the summer, we take the gospel to where they are – in daycare centers, neighborhoods, and Vacation Bible Schools throughout the community. It’s a great opportunity for those burdened to reach their neighborhoods for Christ to host a clear and effective presentation of the gospel to area children and families.

Teenagers who are serving as summer Christian Youth In Action missionaries will present the gospel through exciting Bible lessons, missionary stories, songs, and games. You’ll be amazed to see how children listen intently to the gospel and how they are able to clearly understand God’s Word.

Every year, thousands of children hear the gospel through the Five-Day Clubs and trust Christ for salvation. If you would be interested in hosting a club at your home or you would be interesting in serving as a summer missionary, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christmas Across America

Reaching the unreached children, Christmas Across America Parties bring the true meaning of Christmas Bible lessons, songs, games, and fun to your local neighborhood.

Party Clubs

Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and other traditional holidays become a means of gathering children and sharing God’s truth with them. Party clubs are designed for anytime during the year, and they are a great way of starting on-going ministry in a neighborhood or community. Below is a list of some of the materials available:

  • It's Good to Give Thanks
  • The King's Crown