Children’s workers, Sunday School teachers, and VBS workers love to use CEF materials, and that is in part due to the excellent materials and training available. CEF offers a wide range of training to prepare you to effectively communicate God’s truth to the children to whom you minister.

Quick-Start Teacher Training

These power-packed sessions are designed to prepare you and your team for ministry in the public schools. You’ll learn the essentials of carrying the gospel into the public schools, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to effectively organize and carry on an after-school ministry. Participants will learn the basics of preparing to teach the lesson and utilizing the materials available from CEF. You’ll learn how to teach memory verses to children and how to use games to review and reinforce what you are teaching. In short, you’ll learn how to be successful in after school ministry.

Contact to set up training or consult our Training Calendar to see when training is scheduled in your area.

Teaching Children Effectively – Level One

TCE-1 is an innovative 30-hour course designed to equip you to effectively evangelize children. Topics include:

  • The Child in the New Testament
  • How to Lead a Child to Christ
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Teaching with Music
  • Teaching Children to Pray

Teaching Children Effectively – Level Two

TCE-2 is an innovative 30 hour course designed to equip you to effectively disciple children and help them grown in Christ. Topics include:

  • Basic Needs of a Child
  • Developing a Child’s Appetite for God
  • Motivating a Child’s Faith
  • The Christian Child’s Devotional Life
  • The Art of Asking Questions