Become a Sponsoring Church –
Help Unsaved Children On Their Journey

CEF of Greater Richmond is dedicated to the support of local churches where we seek partnership by coming along-side your church to provide unsaved and unchurched children an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor, we extend an invitation asking you to please consider becoming a sponsoring church by adopting a local elementary school where volunteers from your congregation will spend one-day a week staffing an after-school Good News Club.

CEF of Greater Richmond will assist you and your volunteers with detailed curriculum, teaching aids/materials, regular training, and on-going support all designed to aid the Good News Club Team as they bring the Gospel to the children, most of whom who are not attending your church or any church for that matter.

Pastors, the link below will open a packet that was developed to provide background on the ministry, insight into how CEF brings benefit to children, to the church, the local school, and the community. It provides a roadmap for exactly how to sponsor a Good News Club in a local elementary school.