God is at work in the schools! These are real-world testimonies of powerful answered prayers for the schools.

Tide Change in Tulsa

The School Board of the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) in Oklahoma has a history of being very liberal. They also have rubber-stamped every liberal agenda presented by the superintendent of TPS.

In 2020, a group of believers started attending the school board meetings — praying before and during the meetings. E’Lena Ashley belonged to that prayer group. She decided to run for a vacant school board seat in 2022. She won.

E’Lena has transformed the TPS school board. She invited experienced intercessors to pray over all the chairs in the room prior to school board meetings. She wisely refused to rubber-stamp the TPS superintendent’s yearly budget. As a result, a $343,000 embezzlement was discovered.

E’Lena made national news after praying in the name of Jesus at a school event. IFA covered this courageous act in “The Prayer that Rocked the State.”

Jana commented on that article: “I have been making copies & distributing Nancy’s ‘Decrees for Your School’ prayer guide & we are seeing results! I appreciate the work she is doing in the Education Mountain. It’s an honor, responsibility & privilege to lift up our students & children, teachers, administration, security & staff in prayer. Thank you & may we see the kingdom advance this school year to overcome evil in Jesus name!”

Gov. Kevin Stitt authorized a special audit of TPS in the summer of 2022. The TPS superintendent abruptly resigned. The academic scores at TPS had steadily declined over her eight-year watch. As of last spring’s testing, only 16% of TPS students read at grade level, with math and science scores being lower than the reading scores.

Prayer in New York for UNESCO

UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Unfortunately, UNESCO puts out anti-God, antifamily, liberal woke curriculum toolkits for public schools worldwide. UNESCO’s sex-ed curriculum contains instructions on how to teach sex ed to children from birth to adulthood.

In October 2016, while in New York, I used my book, Decrees, to pray at the five UNESCO offices in New York City. We divided up into five groups. We went to each of the UNESCO satellite offices in the city, made decrees, and prayed. A few months later, when President Trump took office, he immediately withdrew the United States from UNESCO.

Prayer-Walkers Stop a Potential Disaster

A group of ladies prayer-walking a school site saw an out-of-control car coming down the street. They began to decree safety for the students. The car barreled through the groups of students arriving at the school and crashed into the front of the school building. Miraculously, no one was injured!

Nancy Huff, IFA Contributing Writer